High Park Funk - Circle/Frequency 7 Inch Vinyl Record

High Park Funk - Circle/Frequency 7 Inch Vinyl Record



The second release from Outrun Records is brought to us by Scotland’s High Park Funk, with two new hot tracks that are dangerously easy to love. Circle, an undeniable boogie funk cut will immediately light up your face in a brilliant neon, and lift your spirits with savory swooping bass and a dancing brass arrangement. Circle brings us through to 1984—but through the VIP entrance, of course.


With Frequency, the listener wakes up a decade later, hit with a laid back gangsta funk track. Solid kicks and claps, gingerly played keys, deft bass lines that bounce at the perfect height, eye watering leads, and most importantly, a locked-in talk box vocal that brings the track together perfectly, making this one a must-have for friends of the funk.

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