G-noF - Dis Gurl/Partly Cloudy 7 Inch Vinyl Record

G-noF - Dis Gurl/Partly Cloudy 7 Inch Vinyl Record



French modern funk producer G-noF helms Outrun Records’ maiden voyage into the funk. And it’s no secret why as soon as you cue up the first cut. With Dis Gurl, the listener enters a world gilded with a pink and orange haze, a fictitious LA skyline as the backdrop. The locked-in groove is undeniable. And a little icy synth line over dewy-eyed chord progressions feels like an ice cube going down your back. We imagine a lady looking on. Several cool drops fall from her mojito. 

On the second number, Partly Cloudy, G-noF transforms a Chevy Impala into a jet ski with wings, sending us on a floating expedition through the skies above Montpellier, a refreshing day dream to say the least. It’s good to be alive, you think, as the strings, chords, and melody allow a certain sweet reflection. Partly Cloudy is funk that paints a picture with water colors.

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