High Park Funk - Sundae 7 Inch Single Vinyl Record

High Park Funk - Sundae 7 Inch Single Vinyl Record



High Park Funk comes with all the freaky fix-ins for our fourth release—a sultry sampler from his upcoming cassette on Outrun Records. We present here, two highly considered cuts for a must-have 7-inch. Beginning with Sundae, we part through satin sheets, and witness a vibe softer than soft serve, putting you in some kind of mood with a funky RnB flavor. Sundae is a silky lullaby with a bassline and synth lick that just won’t quit.

A certain smoothness from the A side reverberates on side B’s Subtle Groove, but with the tempo pushed a tad higher. The pads are meditative, and bring forward whatever emotions one feels in the eye of a summer storm, but its the bass line, again the star, that’s so satisfyingly sticky one can’t help but bob their head—subtly or otherwise.

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